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Online Education

What we did

The client

rebelEducator is an innovative online education company that aims to revolutionize the way people learn. Committed to providing high-quality educational content, they approached our team for assistance with branding, web design, and web development.

The challenge

They were faced with the challenge of establishing a strong brand identity and developing an engaging online presence that would captivate their target audience. They sought a solution that would set them apart in the competitive online education market and effectively deliver content to parents and kids in an intuitive way.

The solution

We crafted a compelling brand identity that reflected their mission and values, while our skilled designers created an engaging and user-friendly website. Our experienced team transformed the design into a fully functional online experience, making it easy for parents to find them and engage with their content.

The result

Through strategic branding, web design, and web development, rebelEducator achieved an enhanced brand identity, created an engaging learning experience, expanded their reach, and garnered positive feedback from their target audience. They have successfully established themselves as a leader in the online education industry, empowering parents worldwide to acquire knowledge and embrace lifelong learning for their kids.

“I’ve used Sales Rev across multiple client projects, and my clients (and my own team!) are always thrilled by their work. Plus their team is super fun to work with.”


Hannah Frankman


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