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What we did

The client

Liberation of Education is an innovative online education company driven by the mission to empower minds and transform futures. Seeking to revitalize their brand and enhance their online presence, they approached our team for assistance for a brand refresh and new website.

The challenge

They faced the challenge of revolutionizing the traditional education landscape and inspiring a change in how knowledge is acquired and shared. They aimed to break free from the constraints of conventional learning methods and provide a transformative online learning experience for parents and students. The challenge was to create a solution that would captivate learners, engage parents and educators, and ignite a movement for educational liberation.

The solution

We conducted a brand refresh, breathing new life into Liberation of Education's visual identity and messaging. With a focus on capturing the essence of liberation and empowerment, we crafted a compelling brand that resonated with students, parents, and educators. Our skilled design team and developers created a modern and user-friendly website, designed to enhance the online experience and provide seamless navigation. Through strategic web development, we incorporated interactive features and engaging content that encouraged student participation and fostered a sense of community.

The result

Liberation of Education's brand refresh breathed new life into their identity, captivating the target audience and attracting learners, parents, and educators who resonated with the vision of educational liberation. The modern and user-friendly website provided a seamless and engaging learning platform, igniting curiosity and enabling users to explore with ease.

As the movement gains momentum, Liberation of Education is becoming a catalyst for change, revolutionizing online education and empowering minds to embrace a new era of learning.

“Absolutely love the vibe and feel of the new branding and website. Your team did an amazing job and made it so easy!”

Lacey Price


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