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Redefining the Online Presence & Marketing Approach of a Thriving Groove Rock Jam Band.


The band melds together ferocious psychedelic rock music with syncopated dance grooves and stylistic melodies, while mixing in thoughtfully crafted lyrical & vocal hooks. The music of RADO is heavily centered around building improvisational jams that reach soaring and everlasting peaks.



What we did

The client

RADO is an electrifying groove rock jam band known for their fusion of ferocious psychedelic rock, syncopated dance grooves, and stylistic melodies. Seeking to establish a strong brand presence and reach a wider audience, they approached us for assistance with branding, web design, web development, and the creation of an e-commerce store.

The challenge

They faced the challenge of effectively conveying the energy, complexity, and unique musical style they brought to the stage, to the online world. They needed a solution that would not only capture their eclectic sound but also create a platform for connecting with their fans and selling merchandise. The challenge was to create a cohesive brand identity and develop a visually stunning website that would resonate with their target audience.

The solution

We embarked on a branding journey, capturing the essence of RADO's music through a compelling brand identity that reflected their psychedelic rock roots and infectious dance grooves. Our skilled design team crafted a visually stunning website that showcased their energetic performances, intricate melodies, and engaging stage presence. Simultaneously, our experienced development team transformed the design into a fully functional website, incorporating features such as audio and video integration, event listings, and a seamless user experience. To support their merchandise sales, we built a customized e-commerce store that allowed fans to purchase RADO's merchandise, amplifying their reach and revenue potential.

The result

RADO's brand presence is capturing the attention of fans and music enthusiasts alike. The visually stunning website is effectively conveying the band's energy and musical style, creating a platform for fans to engage with RADO's music and connect on a deeper level. The customized e-commerce store provided a seamless purchasing experience for fans, generating additional revenue streams and expanding the band's reach.

Their fan base is growing rapidly, and their electrifying performances and unique sound are getting played nationally. Their success in igniting musical ecstasy with groove rock jams propelling them to new heights, solidifying their place as an influential jam band in the music industry.

“The Sales Rev team has done things I never would’ve imagined possible for our band. They came up with a new approach to the online world when it comes to marketing a band. It’s allowed us to not only make it easy for our fans to find and follow us but has generated another stream of passive income. Highly recommend!”


Dylan Tuthill


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