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Video Production

What we did

The client

A forward-thinking video production company dedicated to transforming the underwriting insurance sector. They approached us seeking assistance with a comprehensive brand buildout, web design, web development, and the creation of an effective sales funnel.

The challenge

They faced the challenge of revolutionizing the traditional underwriting insurance industry by introducing the power of video production. They aimed to communicate complex information effectively, streamline the underwriting processes, and enhance client engagement. Their goal was to overcome the industry's resistance to change and establish themselves as a leader in this innovative approach.

The solution

We embarked on a comprehensive brand buildout, creating a brand identity that conveyed their innovative and cutting-edge approach. Our skilled designers crafted a visually stunning website, ensuring a seamless user experience and effective communication of the company's services. Our experienced developers transformed the design into a robust and functional website, integrating video content and optimizing performance. Additionally, we designed and implemented a tailored sales funnel, guiding potential clients through a persuasive journey that highlighted the unique benefits of Insurance Submission Solutions' video production services.

The result

They have successfully modernized the underwriting insurance sector by leveraging the power of video production. Their brand buildout, visually stunning website, and strategically designed sales funnel is capturing the attention of insurance professionals, generating significant interest and engagement.

The innovative use of video enhanced underwriting processes, allows for clearer communication and improved decision-making. Their success is paving the way for a new era in the underwriting insurance sector, unleashing innovation and redefining industry standards.

“We hired Sales Rev to help with our branding and building out a website with an e-commerce function. Ben and his team nailed it! From start to finish the process was easy, thoughtful, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result!”


Mike King


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