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Video Production

What we did

The client

Ingalls Pictures is a boutique video production company specializing in creating captivating visual experiences that drive growth for their clients. With their focus on producing high-quality, cinematic videos, they approached our team for assistance in building effective sales funnels, refining their processes, and achieving revenue growth.

The challenge

They faced the challenge of optimizing their revenue streams and streamlining their production processes because of being bogged down in the production side of things. They sought to attract more clients, enhance their sales funnel, and improve operational efficiency to meet the increasing demand for their video production services. Their goal was to establish themselves as a go-to partner for businesses seeking videos that drive growth.

The solution

We focused on refining and enhancing their sales funnels, strategically optimizing each stage to attract qualified leads and convert them into paying clients. Additionally, we conducted a process buildout, identifying areas for improvement and implementing streamlined workflows that reduced sales time and increased efficiency. Through targeted marketing strategies, we positioned Ingalls Pictures as experts in creating experiences worth sharing, emphasizing the value and impact of their video production services.

The result

Ingalls Pictures has experienced significant revenue growth as their optimized sales funnels attract a steady stream of qualified leads.

The streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency allows for them to have an improved customer experience.

Their reputation as a trusted partner in driving growth through video production is growing exponentially, solidifying their position as an industry leader. Ingalls Pictures is becoming renowned for creating experiences worth sharing.

“The team helped our small company not only survive but ultimately thrive in 2020 and beyond. The team brought unique insights and timely solutions to our biggest sales and marketing problems.”

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