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What we did

The client

Kiwi is a dynamic video production company that revolutionizes the industry by offering unlimited monthly video editing services for a flat monthly rate. With a commitment to delivering fresh and captivating videos, Kiwi approached our team for a comprehensive branding overhaul, web design, and web development.

The challenge

The challenge for Kiwi was to establish a distinctive brand identity that communicated their commitment to creativity, freshness, and unlimited video editing services at a flat rate. They needed a visually engaging website that showcased their portfolio, conveyed their unique value proposition, and facilitated seamless client engagement. The task at hand was to create a solution that captured Kiwi's essence and differentiated them in the competitive video production landscape.

The solution

We embarked on a brand transformation journey, crafting a unique brand identity that reflected Kiwi's values of freshness, creativity, and unlimited editing services. Our skilled designers translated this brand identity into a visually captivating website, incorporating intuitive navigation, engaging content, and seamless user experience. Through meticulous web development, we ensured optimal functionality, responsiveness, and scalability, enabling Kiwi to provide a seamless experience to their clients.

The result

Kiwi's brand overhaul, visually captivating web design, and seamless web development elevated their position in the video production industry. With the slogan, "Creating the freshest videos," Kiwi communicated their commitment to delivering captivating and engaging content to their clients.

The unlimited monthly video editing services resonated with businesses and individuals seeking a constant stream of fresh, professionally edited videos. Through the seamless client management portal developed during web development, Kiwi streamlined their processes, ensuring efficient communication, feedback, and project management.

As a result, Kiwi attracted a growing clientele, earned recognition for their fresh and engaging videos, and became a trusted partner for businesses and individuals seeking exceptional video production services.

“Sales Rev did a great job with our site. They took my vision and gave me exactly what I wanted. Also, their support is spot on. Highly recommend!”

Dustin Dow


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